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You want to achieve the optimal sound for your CD production or for individual tracks?
We offer you with our High-Quality Mastering a sound improvement that will inspire you.

Sound examples Before - After:

My Secret Playground - The Encounter


Julia Deryabina - Man from a Dream (Stem)


Nadja Offinger and Nicolette Landgraf - Fougères - Traou Ar Ru



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Tips for the mastering session

Optimal input format is 24 bit files in Wav or AIFF format. If possible, the mixes should not be compressed or, if not otherwise available, only slightly compressed. If not otherwise possible, we also do the sound enhancements directly on the compressed files (MP3, MP4, AAC (Youtube) and others) or we offer our own mastering for streaming (see above).

We ask you to bring the ISRC code, EAN code, CD text and in any case the order of the tracks if necessary.


Our services

- Stereo & Stem Mastering
- Mixing & Edit
- Vinyl - Mastering
- Audio restoration
- Mastering for streaming
- DDP & Premaster
- Enhanced CD & CD Text
- Mastering online
- Dubbing of LPs, cassettes, etc.


The Artis Mastering recording studio of Robert Eder in Vienna, his workplace from an oblique perspective with mixing console, B&W boxes, computer, illuminated violet-blue


Procedure of a mastering session

- Sound analysis
- Noise removal
- Correction of frequencies with different filters.
- Dynamic processing with compressors, tape simulation, limiters, etc.
- Creation of timbres with various filters and tools.
- Volume alignment of the tracks to each other.
- Inserting pauses between titles, fades etc.
- Entry of: ISRC and EAN codes as well as CD text.
- Creation of the DDP image (premaster).


Details of the individual services

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering uses separate stereo tracks. These are already created during the mix and then each individual group is exported with all its effects for itself.

In any case, stem mastering is recommended if it becomes apparent during mixing that mastering challenges are to be expected. For example, a bass separated from the bass drum grants a much easier and more accurate correction of the low frequencies.



We are also happy to take over the mix and cut and advise you intensively for this. Of course, we only work under the best monitoring conditions when mixing.

We can also help you convert your project files from one system to another.

Mastering for streaming

For streaming services such as Youtube, etc. we offer a special mastering, by means of which we can greatly improve the sound for MP3, AAC and other compressed formats.

Please bring uncompressed files, such as wav files, if available. Below you will find our tips for preparation.


Audio restoration

Audio restoration for old audio media such as records, cassettes and tapes, etc. includes:
- Reduction of tape noise and background noise
- Removal of humming and single interfering noises
- Knackers removal
- Correction - Film O sound
- Reduction of distortion due to overdrive

Before - After:



Original film sound



We also dub cassettes and much more.


Mastering online

You are also welcome to submit your files online.

Click here for file upload

Please send any concerns to and please let us know your preferred date.

We will then do our best to send you the master on time. Normally you get the finished master within a few days.

A revision is included with us in any case.

Important: If available, please send us uncompressed files, for example in Wav format.


DDP & Premaster CD

We create the DDP master for your CD production and in case of an Enhanced CD (CD Extra) a premaster CD in highest quality.
Of course, we use only the best media, burners and test programs for this.

Enhanced CD

The Enhanced CD (CD Extra) is a CD with an additional CD Rom data part for video clips, text documents or images.
The data part can then be found on the computer, but is not visible in the audio CD player!


If required, we will provide your CD with a CD text free of charge, on which, for example, the artist and title are listed in more detail.
Attention: Not all CD players can read CD texts, I-Tunes and Windows Media Player for example cannot.
It is recommended to avoid umlauts and special characters, as many CD players only show the English character set on the display.