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We shoot high-quality videos / music videos with the very best picture and sound quality. We also offer full post-production services including video editing, digital post-production, soundtrack(adding music to the images), color correction, audio post-production, Surround 5.1 and fascinating visual effects. For details, as well as information on our DVD/BR authoring, please see below.

A studio in Vienna with a top Steinway B grand piano is available for music videos, as is Thomas Lang's new Classic Blue Recordings studio, which is equipped with a beautiful Steinway D grand piano.


Examples of our music videos

Otmar Binder spielt "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" (Arrangement von Otmar Binder)






Postproduction: Video editing . Visual effects . 5.1 Surround Mix . Settings

Whether surround mixing in 5.1, video editing or special effects, whether a full service or individual services: Your film and sound will simply benefit from our postproduction. We offer:

- Video editing
- Digital postprocessing
- Soundtrack (underlaying the images with music).
- Color correction
- Audio Postproduction
- Surround 5.1 - Visual effects


Color correction

If you are not satisfied with the image quality of your product, we offer you a brilliant result and a harmonious ratio of color matching with the help of our color correction. You will be thrilled!

Visual effects

- Film title
- Opening and closing credits
- Post exposure
- Animations
- More after arrangement

Audio Postproduction

We recommend audio post-processing especially if different sources were used to produce the videos.
The post-processing consists of:

- The editing of the original sound
- The mixing and mastering.
- Adding sounds and music.
- Learn more about our audio mastering here

Surround Mixing 5.1

5.1 surround mix for video and film soundtracks
Upmix to 5.1 surround for existing music productions
Attention: To make the remix really high quality and not a so-called "pseudo-surround", we need the single tracks of the production for it.



DVD | Bluray Authoring: Audio Mastering | Menu Design | Encoding | Subtitles

We offer either the complete DVD/Blu-ray authoring from planning to testing of the finished project or a selection of the different services.
Look forward to a beautiful menu design and of course the finest sound quality.


Audio mastering for DVD and Blu-ray

The sound quality of DVD and Blu-ray productions can be improved enormously by audio mastering. Adjusting volume and frequency spectrum, as well as de-noising, can work small wonders, especially when movies come from different sources.
Learn more about our audio mastering here.

Menu design

A menu design is the icing on the cake of any DVD or Blu-ray disc. We create an individual menu design according to your taste as well as a simple, elegant user interface.


We do the audio encoding in either Dolby Digital, DTS or PCM.
For your image content convert from PAL to NTSC and from NTSC to PAL as well as for video files as well as for finished DVDs.


Gerne erstellen und konvertieren wir die Untertitel deiner Produktion.