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Mastering engineer Robert Eder, owner of Artis Mastering gave concerts as a guitarist (fingerpicking) in his younger years and discovered his great passion for sound engineering at an early age.
In 1993 he founded Artis Studio together with Thomas Lang and Rudi Mille, which became one of Vienna's leading studios for recording, mastering and mixing. This then evolved into Artis Mastering, offering a broader range of services including music videos, post-production and DVD/BR authoring.

Numerous renowned musicians and artists are regular customers of the recording studio
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Robert Eder is also a passionate astrophotographer, honored with international awards.
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Ingrid is a concert pianist and offers recording producing for Classical music (Soloists, small ensembles)

Portrait photo of Mastering Engeneer Robert Eder half sideways, smiling in black T shirt.